Harvest McCampbell

Harvest was born Iroquois Onondaga Oswegatchie, Bear Clan. She became skilled in the ways of Old Ones as a young girl through the teachings of her Native American grandmother, who taught her to identify, gather, and process herbs for medicine and ceremony. She grew up eating wild plant foods and preparing medicines form plants she skillfully processed. From the beginning, she was enveloped in the spirit and traditions of Native culture. After the passing of her grandmother, Harvest continued her tutelage under several prominent herbologists and became a Certified Herbalist and U.C. Master Gardener.

She taught Ethnobotany at DQ University, the only tribal college in California. In addition, she has been teaching herb classes throughout central and northern California for over 20 years, through which she has passed on her knowledge of herb gathering, processing, and usage, as well as plant identification. Her previously published books on Native herbs have sold thousands of copies. She is also an accomplished poet and ceramics. Harvest is actively working with community gardens and educating people to eat healthy foods.