Warren Jefferson

Warren Jefferson is a research writer, photographer, and graphic designer for Book Publishing Co. Warren and his wife Barbara have four children and, are founding members of an intentional community called The Farm, dedicated to ecology, vegetarianism, natural childbirth, and nonviolence in Summertown, Tennessee. He has been a vegetarian since 1968.

Warren has been interested in Native American culture since first reading Black Elk Speaks in the 60s. His first book The World of Chief Seattle, is an historical account of Chief Seattle’s people the Suquamish from pre-contact time to the present and includes the Suquamish authorized version of Chief Seattle’s speech. The book was written in cooperation with the Suquamish tribe and they receive a portion of the royalties. He also wrote Reincarnation Beliefs of North American Indians which is an in depth look at a belief system about which very little has been written. He was fascinated to find that reincarnation beliefs are found not only in India but in most small scale tribal societies throughout the world, including many Native societies in North America.

He is also the author of Colloidal Silver Today, The Neti Pot for Better Health, and the Live Healthy Now guides Understanding Gout, Enhance Your Health with Fermented Foods, and The Healing Power of Turmeric.