Sydney's Journey


Sydney’s Journey. The series follows Sydney as she transitions from a former bully dealing with self-shame to a confident teen who has compassion for others.

Whisper to the Sky, Book 1 finds Sydney thrust into life in the big city as an urban Native teen. On the first day of school, it doesn’t take Sidney long to realize she stands out like a sore thumb. After accidentally bumping into a classmate in the hall, the bullying begins, and it’s aimed right at Sydney. Although Sydney was used to being the bully at her old school, the tables have turned, and she is now on the other side. 

Yesterday's Rain, Book 2 Sydney is slowly adjusting to her new school and is not being bullied as much, but her gay friend is not so lucky. When a punch aimed at her friend, mistakenly hits Sydney in the face, everyone is surprised at her reaction.

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