Book 1: Sydney’s Journey

A Native teen moves to Minneapolis because her mom finds a better job. Back on the Rez Sydney was the bully surrounded by her Native friends. At her new school, she is bullied with no friends. Until she meets someone who is just as ostracized as she is.

Sydney is a teenage girl who has always gone to a school with other Native students on her reservation. She has friends who support her when she bullies a fellow student, but life takes an unexpected turn when her mother moves the family to Minneapolis so she can take a new job. Her mother is excited about the move, but Sydney feels just the opposite. She does not want to become an urban Indian, and she especially does not want to leave her friends.

On the first day of school, Sydney tries to fit in, but it doesn’t take her long to realize that her Native looks make her stand out like a sore thumb. After Sydney accidentally bumps into a classmate in the hall, she becomes the target of bullying. Although she was used to being a bully, the tables are now turned. 

When her life becomes almost unbearable, Sydney is approached by a boy in the lunchroom, who asks if he can join her. Not knowing what to think, she agrees, and the chance encounter initiates a close friendship. Her new friend, Finn, who is gay, is also a target of bullying. Sydney’s experience with being bullied, and seeing her friend bullied as well, makes her feel bad about herself and regret who she used to be. She realizes she must make amends with the girl she had bullied at her old school before she can feel better about herself and begin the journey to self-forgiveness. 

YAF073000 Young Adult Fiction / Own Voices
YAF046150 Young Adult/People & Places /US/Native American
YAF058020 Young Adult Fiction / Social Themes/ Bullying
Kim Sigafus
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7th Generation