From Sweet Potato Cakes and Batter-Fried Squash Blossoms to thirty-two other recipes of familiar and not-so-familiar ingredients, this enchanting book is a treasury of food legends, recipes, and herb uses from many Native American tribes.


The letters in the alphabet are each assigned an item or action beginning with the letter. The items or actions are printed in both English and Cherokee


Each page features traditional Cherokee clothing and accessories. Accompanying the pictures are descriptions of how these items were used and decorated.


Cherokee ceremonial dances and regalia are described, explained, and illustrated in full-color in this beautiful how to book.


This unique book on the Cherokee feature's children's stories and a sobering, firsthand account of the Trail of Tears by a U.S. soldier who was there.



A small book with a lot of information, readers will learn about Cherokee history, language, food, dwellings, clothing, arts and crafts, government, religion, legends, and games.


Their Uses - A 400-Year Old History


Now you can sing in Cherokee!


First published in 1921, this book is still considered one of the few basic resources available for serious study of Cherokee history, legal documents, and biographical information on leaders and old families.


Everyone thought Water Beetle was too small to make a difference. But she sure showed them otherwise!


A Cherokee origin story written in both Cherokee and English.


Brilliant Artwork in Full Color! Large 20" x 16" Wall Size