Gluskonba and the Maple Trees

Bilingual, English and Abenaki

by Joseph, James, and Jesse Bruchac

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Taos Pueblo Four Seasons
Board books
depicting traditional
scenes from the Taos Pueblo.
Proceeds benefit the
Tiwa Language Program.


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The Cottonwood Sings

by Alfreda Beartrack-Algeo (Lakota)

Gorgeous Picture Book.

Includes the Medicine Wheel and the Four Directions.

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Father Eagle and the Hunter

A Cheyenne story as told to Alfreda Beartrack-Algeo (Lakota)

In a time of starvation, Father Eagle saves his family and the people.


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by Alfreda Beartrack-Algeo (Lakota)

New PathFinders series!


Accessible novels that highlights Lakota lives.

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Sydney's Journey Series

by Kim Sigafus (Ojibwa)

Whisper to the Sky, Yesterday's Rain, & A Quiet Storm

Can a bully heal the storm within?


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Native Women Changing Their World

Determination can make change happen!


Best-selling Native Trailblazers Series


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Native Voices News

EXCLUSIVE! As a longtime distributor of Cherokee Publications books, Native Voices Books will now be exclusively offering these timeless and valuable...

Best Books by American Indians in Children's Literature. 


Mourning a Treasured Legend

We join in mourning with the loss of Cherokee National Treasure, Jesse T. Hummingbird, artist & friend.

Jesse painted in the traditional flat style of the Oklahoma Natives, using vivid colors and distinct lining to create magnificent art, masks, and so much more. He has won numerous awards and distinctions. In 2017, he was given the honor of Cherokee National Living Treasure for preservation of Cherokee art, language, and culture.

Jesse won first place in painting at the Tesoro Cultural art show in June 2021.

Titles by Jesse Hummingbird: