History & Culture

This book focuses on events before and after the International Non-Governmental Organization 


This collection of photos of traditional accessories, clothing, cradleboards, utensils, and more is a look at Blackfoot material culture at its finest.


A moving photo history of Native American children from the 1870s to 1920 that includes


Testimonies of the struggles, the everyday life and accomplishments of Indigenous women from South and Central America.


Yaqui Legends of Life


Chief Seattle’s Vision
Revised Edition

Chief Seattle’s impassioned plea to respect “the sacred web of life” has become an inspiration to many.


Here is a wealth of cultural information and historical facts about Indian tribes living in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Includes many old photographs...


Here is an unprecedented look into the lives of contemporary American Indians.


Learn about the origins and history of the modern fancy dance and how it evolved into the styles of today


After 25 years of experience in actually trying to live a more nature-friendly life, the author recounts the highlights and disappointments with a series of fireside tales....


This manual teaches techniques of playing the flute for both the absolute beginner as well as the seasoned player.


Author Leslie Gourse has created a helpful guide for adapting and incorporating traditional Native American marriage customs into today's modern weddings.