Arvis Boughman

Arvis Boughman is an enrolled member of the Lumbee Indian tribe of North Carolina.  

He is an elementary school teacher and a speech/language pathologist who works with both adults and children. He has worked with children from different Nations that include Canadian First Nations, Lumbee, Eastern Band of Cherokee, and Sioux.

In 2003 he coauthored Herbal Remedies of the Lumbee Indians with Loretta Oxendine. In 2010, he authoredChicora and the Little People: The Legend of the Indian Corn. In 2013 he published Legends of the Lumbee and Some That Will Be, a collection of ancestral stories from the Lumbee tribe.

Arvis co-organized the North Carolina Indian Unity Conference Writing Contest and has been a judge for over seven years. He is a founding member of the North Carolina Native American Council on Higher Education (NCNACOHE). He is also assisting in translating Christian hymns, including Amazing Grace, into the Cheraw dialect, the traditional language of his ancestors. He is an advocate for full Lumbee tribal federal recognition.

Arvis enjoys reading the Bible, fishing, woodcarving, riding horses, gardening, studying folklore, family activities, attending powwows, and old-time and bluegrass music. He currently lives in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina with his wife Kim, daughter, Clara-Ann, and son, Micah.