Autumn Dawn is an Ojibwa teen who is ashamed of her learning difficulties and family problems. On top of that, she is the target of a school bully. In the first installment of the Autumn Dawn series, Nowhere to Hide, Autumn gets the help she needs from her visiting aunt and begins to deal with her problems at school and at home.

In book two of the series, Autumn’s Dawn, she is beginning to embrace new challenges and gain confidence. However, in a summer-school class, Autumn is partnered with Sidney, the girl who spent the previous school year making fun of her. There is also a new boy in school who happens to think Autumn is rather nice.

Finding Grace, book three, brings Autumn’s father back into the story. As Autumn continues to grow and become more self-assured, can she forgive her dad for having deserted his family? Can she let go of the past and let her father back into her life and heart? Most importantly, can she learn to trust again and find the grace to move forward?

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