Caroline Stellings

Caroline Stellings is an author and illustrator of children’s books from Waterdown, Ontario. She is a professional artist who loves to paint the many birds and animals that inhabit the wetland area near her studio, which is surrounded by thousands of pine trees. Her paintings have been shown across Ontario, and in Nova Scotia where the provincial government has acquired the illustrations from The Malagawatch Mice and the Church that Sailed.

She studied at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and after earning a Masters degree, decided to write and paint full time. It was when she started to write stories about her dog, a Schipperke, that she knew she had found exactly what she wanted to do. Schipperkes are small black dogs from Belgium; the word means ‘little skipper’ or ‘little captain’ and her stories have the dogs sailing all over the world.

Her first published book was Skippers at Cape Spear. Like her parents and grandparents, Caroline grew up in Hamilton. Her grandfather Alfred Stellings served in the first line at Vimy Ridge, and her grandfather Lloyd Fuester farmed in Flamborough, and then worked many years for the Jackson bakery.

Caroline Stellings also has an ongoing series of articles about Nancy Drew mysteries being published in an American magazine called The Sleuth. The series is called The Nancy Drew Crookbook and is a look at all the villains who have appeared in the whole Nancy Drew series.