Danny Blackgoat: RUGGED ROAD to FREEDOM


This second volume of the trilogy continues the dramatic story of Danny Blackgoat, a Navajo teenager who, after being labeled a troublemaker on the Long Walk of 1864 is seperated from his family.  After a daring escape from prison in the first volumn, in this second volumn Danny must face many dangerous obstacles in his effort to rescue his family and find freedom. Whether it’s soldiers and bandits chasing him or the dangers of the harsh desert climate, Danny ricochets from one bad situation to the next,but his bravery doesn’t falter and he never loses faith.


A resourceful young Navajo’s efforts to rescue his family are complicated by dust-ups with a violent gang of slave traders in the second episode of this Civil War–era trilogy. A suspenseful middle volume. (Historical fiction. 10-13)

Kirkus Reviews April 2014

Building upon a rich history, Tingle eloquently and accessibly shares the story of Danny Blackgoat, a Navajo teenager in 1864. Tingle, a Choctaw storyteller, uses these skills to mix adventure and history, highlighting the desert climate and Danny's tricks, for an audience of thrill-seekers and historical fiction fans who can discover the past and grow with Danny on his journey to manhood.

VOYA June 2011

A great resource for young readers is the exemplary Native Pathfinders series. Published by 7th Generation, which is dedicated to using “culturally accurate content to preserve the history and stories from the past, to highlight the beauty and wisdom of Native cultures, and to address contemporary issues,” the series’ novels are action driven and well written.

Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education January 2015

Tim Tingle
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7th Generation