The Complete Autumn Dawn trilogy 

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"[Nowhere to Hide] was based on snippets from my own life. Bullying was a huge issue for me as I was growing up, and like Autumn, I tended to shy away from confrontation. I was a perfect target for a group of girls who thought I was going to take whatever abuse they threw my way.

It took me a long time to learn to stand up for myself."           --Kim Sigafus

Nowhere to HideAutumn Dawn is sick of being bullied at school. It’s not her fault that she doesn’t learn as fast as the other kids or that she speaks a little differently. Her home life isn’t much better. Ever since Autumn’s dad left, her mother can’t cope, so Autumn has to care for her baby brother and do all the housework. Her mother hasn’t even noticed the problems her daughter is dealing with. When Autumn’s Ojibwa aunt comes to visit, she recognizes Autumn’s dyslexia and speech problems. Can Aunt Jessie build a bridge between mother and daughter and give Autumn the confidence she needs to move past her challenges?

Autumn's DawnFollow this Native teenage girl struggle to accept and embrace fresh challenges while dealing with her learning problems and a school bully. She tries to stay focused on school and not notice the new boy in class who has definitely noticed her.

Finding GraceAfter leaving his family when experiencing marital problems, Autumn Dawn’s father is living back home taking care of her mother who was in a horrible accident. Can Autumn find the grace within herself to forgive her father and trust him once again?

Young readers will feel empathy for a teenager dealing with social issues compounded with dyslexia and inspired as the girl discovers she can find peace in herself.

Ages 12 to 16
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