Sydney's Journey, Book 2: Yesterday's Rain

Next installment in Ojibwa author Kim Sigafus' series, Sydney's Journey is here! 

Yesterday’s Rain, finds Sydney still working through her guilt over having been a bully at her previous school on the White Earth Reservation. When she ends up taking a punch in the face intended for her gay friend, everyone is sure she’ll fight back, but her response is a total shocker. Is it really possible for bullies to change?

Praise for Whisper to the Sky:

Sydney’s Journey Series – Book One
Sigafus (Ojibwa) has written a brief and accessible novel that will engage readers and help them understand that we all make mistakes, but what truly matters is whether we can learn from them. A compassionate story for reluctant readers. Kirkus Reviews

Kim Sigafus grew up on the White Earth reservation and draws from her exploits as a teen and her experiences being bullied in high school.

Expect the final book in the fall 2023.